Truth-Telling and Young Adults (Not Them-You!)

Truth-Telling and Young Adults (Not Them-You!)

Let’s imagine a world in which we truly educate young people about their sexuality. What information and support do they need in order to understand healthy habits and self-care in their sex lives?

Today December 1st is World AIDS Day. Since the start of this international epidemic about 30 years ago, 25 million people have died. Internationally, 1 in 4 new HIV infections occurs in young people aged 13-24.

A startling 60% of them don’t realize they have it, and could unknowingly pass it on to others.

Although survival rates are improving, discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS remains a huge problem, and causes people to hesitate to seek help even when they suspect they are at risk.

If you know and care about a young adult, I hope you will seek opportunities to talk frankly with them about sex. Sure, it can be uncomfortable and takes a little practice; and just like we teach kids not to run in traffic and how to tie their shoes, this is another essential life skill everybody needs.

Looking for opportunities, like commenting on TV shows or the latest celebrity scandals can be an easy way to open this door.  And if your kids squirm and refuse to discuss anything, you can still make sure they have access to websites that will appeal to them ( is great) and that they know how to access a medical resource like or another open and honest healthcare practitioner.

Go ahead and start the conversation. You can handle feeling a little awkward and uncertain in order to protect someone else who matters to you.