If you’re kinky or interested in kink practices, it can be tough to find a therapist who gets it. My acquaintance with the kinky world goes back many years and I’ve talked with numerous clients about living in a D/S relationship, cross-dressing, role-playing, BDSM practices and various fetishes.

Clients who contact me are often looking for help with problems related to sex, but some kink-oriented people just want to talk about work stress, feelings of depression, or other routine problems in a place where they don’t have to hide or cover up aspects of themselves.

People seek me out as a resource for:

  • dealing with conflicted feelings about their kinks, or those of their partner
  • support with negotiating boundaries and agreements in complex relationships
  • figuring out how to create imaginative and mutually enjoyable connections with their partners
  • getting acquainted with aspects of sexuality that seem strange or “not normal”

Would you like to see if I may be a good fit for some exploring you want to do in therapy? Send me a note or give me a call.