Infertility and Sex

Infertility and Sex

Couples experiencing infertility often find their sex life really suffers. Infertility creates a sense of pressure to engage in intercourse according to a defined timeline.

Communicating about this dilemma, keeping your sense of humor and remaining emotionally close as you go through this difficult experience can all be challenging.

The expectation of “performance on demand” is a real intrusion on the intimate life of a couple.  In addition, every month holds the possibility of either joy and relief or huge disappointment.

Whether the couple has decided to seek medical intervention for infertility or are just getting frustrated with not getting pregnant as soon as they had hoped, they are experiencing longings about a vision they had for their future together.

Talking with an experienced therapist can help you maintain perspective and keep your morale going, so the issues around getting pregnant don’t take over your entire life.